Season 1,

Episode 7: Exclusive Interview with Jenn Wallace

August 31, 2016


Today we are bringing you an exclusive interview with Jenn Wallace where we discuss the most effective tactic / technique to attract new clients!

Show Notes
  • 11:20

    Lead Generation/Management  

  • 15:16

    TIPS for new entrepreneurs going to networking events

  • 23:22

    TRICK Google something they were talking about – communication other than sales

  • 29:35

    How important is it to have a Business Coach.

  • 31:45

    Most effective tactic/technique to attract new clients

  • 33:37

    Anything you expected to work but it didn’t

  • 35:44

    3 pieces of advise for new entrepreneurs 


Have you struggled with getting new clients? What is your number one struggle with getting new clients?

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