Season 1,

Episode 5: Exclusive Interview with Emily Hirsh

June 28, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Emily Hirsh

The VA hustle chats with Emily Hirsh this week! If you are looking for motivation and inspiration from a great lady that has truly made a career for herself doing what she loves, then this episode is for you!

Although Emily majored in Kinesiology, she transitioned into doing Virtual Assistant work for her fitness business which she ran with her husband. She realized she loved doing it (and was awesome at it) which transitioned into her making a career out of it!

Emily helps her clients with sales funnels and Facebook advertisements. Although the majority of Emily’s clients are coaches, she loves helping all types of small businesses.

Check it out!

  • 2:05

    How did you know being a VA was your calling

  • 4:17

    Emily shares what her day looks like

  • 9:10

    Emily talks about how she gets new clients

  • 17:37

    Emily shares advice for VA newbies

  • 24:38

    Emily talks about pricing yourself

  • 28:45

    How does Emily take care of herself?


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